How does MTM Clear Aligner Work?

Clear•Aligner uses a series of clear removable aligners to correct common anterior tooth misalignments. Each aligner is custom fabricated according to your doctor’s treatment Plan to progressively move your teeth into their ideal position, leaving you with a beautiful smile.

Is MTM® Clear-Aligner affordable?

With MTM® Clear•Aligner, orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to cost as much as traditional full-mouth wire braces, clear braces or many other aligners. And your treatment may be covered under your comprehensive dental/ orthodontic insurance plan.


Will anything be attached to my teeth?

Unlike some clear aligners, MTM Clear•Aligner does not require bulky, unattractive “attachments” on your teeth. This means a more attractive smile during treatment. And inserting and removing your aligners is easy


Are the benefits just cosmetic?

With MTM’ Clear•Aligner, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile. Improved tooth alignment means easier access to tooth surfaces and gums during daily cleanings, reducing the chance of unwanted plaque buildup and tooth decay.